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COVID-19 Guidelines

All Employees/Volunteers, Participants/Crews, & Spectators should familiarize themselves with COVID-19 guidelines. Temperature checks/health screenings will be conducted on all employees/volunteers, participants/crews, and spectators upon arrival.

Farmer City Raceway is open for weekly Friday Night Racing under the following guidelines:

Important items to know when coming to Farmer City Raceway

  • All Employees/Volunteers, Participants/Crews, & Spectators will be asked to comply with the executive order to wear PPE face mask when 6ft social distancing isn’t possible. 

  • Bringing your own sanitizer is highly recommended

  •  Social Distancing Required (6ft for individuals/households of 10 or less & 30ft for small groups of more than 10)

  • Groups of more than 10 are strongly discouraged and must maintain 30ft social distancing from other groups./households/individuals

  • Pit parking will be spaced at a minimum 15ft for social distancing

  • All concession workers will be required to wear a mask at all times around food and abide by IDPH food standards & DECO guidelines for Restaurants & Bars.

  • FCR will clean and sanitize common areas like restrooms, picnic tables, rails, entry doorknobs, etc every hour at high traffic areas

  •  Ahead of events, FCR will provide spectator capacity until we are up to 100%.

  • Drivers and crew should remain in vehicles until directed to get their pit passes

  • Draw will be conducted by computer (My Race Pass)

  • NO one out of grandstands will be allowed in Pits for pictures until restrictions are lifted

  • Spectators and Participants/crews will be asked to leave the grounds after the final event of the night.

Farmer City Raceway Re-Open Plan



Farmer City Raceway (FCR) hereby submits the FCR re-entry plan for reopening in compliance with the Presidential ‘Reopening America Again’ phase implementation. Additionally, this official memorandum fulfills the requirements of Illinois Governor Pritzker’s Restore Illinois recovery plan for Outdoor Recreation.



To resume operations of an outdoor recreation activity, circle track racing, conducted with full regard to public safety guidelines regarding social distancing and proper health measures to limit or eliminate exposure to possible respiratory illness.


This will be aided by the facility adhering to national, state, and local guidance regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. In racing, it is possible to largely limit the interaction between participants and employees, as most drivers maintain and race their cars with limited outside help. The following steps will be taken during the current situation:


I. Employee/Volunteer Health and Safety:

A. Prior to reopening, employees & volunteers will receive education regarding safety measures, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), social distancing, and local safety and health requirements.

B. We will encourage our employees and volunteers to bring their own PPE for comfort. We will have PPE available for employees & volunteers based on their work location and function. All employees & volunteers will have ready access to hand sanitizer at or near their location. Additional spare PPE will be available to replace any PPE that may become compromised.

C. Temps will be checked when employee/volunteers arrive. Any temperature at or above the CDC 100.4 recommendation will be sent home.

D. Any employee or volunteer demonstrating an elevated temperature (100.4 or higher) or level of sickness will not report to work until recovered and with a Doctor’s note.

E. The working staff at the facility will be capable of safely conducting the operations of the facility.

F. Emergency response personnel will have the appropriate PPE as is now best practice in the medical area.


II. Participant Safety

A. Participants & crew members will have access to this plan and any additional information deemed necessary upon entry detailing social distancing and facility rules regarding safe practices. These include avoiding groups, the encouragement of wearing a face covering/mask, use of hand sanitizer stations, proper hand washing of soap and water for 20 seconds, etc. Industry signage from the Restore Illinois toolkit will be utilized and posted.

B. All participants and crew members feeling sick or displaying obvious signs of sickness are encouraged to stay home and FCR reserves the right to deny entry to anyone based on this observance.

C. Temps will be checked when participants and crew arrive. Any temperature at or above the CDC 100.4 recommendation will be sent home.

D. FCR highly encourages the use of personal face coverings or masks while at the facility.

E. Race entry parking in the pits will be spaced out to maintain approximately 15 ft. distance between pit spaces.

F. FCR will limit the number of crew members allowed with participants to be 10 or less including the participant.

G.  Participants and crew will be asked to stay in vehicles until they reach pit shack to maintain social distancing

H. Drivers and Pit crew members will be asked to bring their own pen to sign insurance waiver. We will have additional pens available in the case that someone forgets a pen. These pens will not be re-used without proper cleaning with a commercial grade disinfectant.

I. Draw will be conducted by computer (My Race Pass)

J. NO one from the grandstands will be allowed in Pits for pictures until restrictions are lifted


III. Spectator Safety

A. Spectators will be reminded of safe practices, to include social distancing and safety precautions by utilizing the raceways public relations, media, and public address system announcements regarding safe practices.  

B. Industry signage from the Restore Illinois toolkit will be displayed at entry gates and around the facility regarding proper safe health practices and use of face coverings/masks required.

C. Temps will be checked when spectators arrive. Any temperature at or above the CDC 100.4 recommendation will be denied entry.

D. To assist in keeping social distancing guidelines, spectators will be asked to maintain proper distance between each other.

E. Individuals/households will be required to social distance 6ft from other individuals/households

F. Groups of 10 or more will be discouraged and required to social distance 30ft from other individuals/households and groups.

G. Spectator attendance will be limited based to the plan outlined by the Illinois Motorsport Coalition plan


IV. General Measures

A. Food services may initially be limited, and social distancing will be observed in patron lines. Based on current health standards in place as the season progresses, more food services may open, but with social distancing still enforced. FCR reserves the right to adjust seating capacity and bleacher layouts according to suggested safety precautions outlined in the Staffing and Attendance minimal requirements section of the guidance outlined in the Industry guidance for the current phase of the Restore Illinois Plan.

B. Permanent restrooms and porta johns will be operated in accordance with community health standards. Individual Porta johns are available on the premises. Each Porta john and permanent restrooms will be sanitized on a regular basis and be equipped with a minimum of soap and water per the Minimal Disinfectant/Cleaning procedures outlined in the Industry guidance for the current phase of the Restore Illinois Plan.

C. Concessions stands will be operated in accordance with applicable community health standards.

D. The common areas of the facility will receive regular sanitizing with a commercial grade disinfectant solution per the Minimal Disinfectant/Cleaning procedures outlined in the Industry guidance for the current phase of the Restore Illinois Plan & CDC.

E. Point of sale terminals such as cash registers and their attendant staff will have a physical barrier to provide an additional shield between actual face to face transmissions.

F. In compliance with the COVID-19 2020 RESTAURANTS & BARS FOR OUTDOOR DINING GUIDELINES, the following will be complied with

  • Employees will wear face coverings over their nose and mouth when within 6-ft. of others (cloth masks preferred). Exceptions may be made where accommodations are appropriate – see IDHR’s guidance.

  • Seating arrangements are available to ensure there is 6 or 30-ft between individuals/households/groups.

  • hand washing capability and sanitizer is available to employees and customers

  • Bar and concession employees will wash hands for 20 seconds every 30 minutes, and: a. Upon arrival to work b. Prior to and during food preparation c. When switching between tasks d. Before donning gloves to work with food or clean equipment and utensils e. After using the restroom f. After handling soiled dishes and utensils g. When visibly soiled h. After coughing, sneezing, using a tissue, touching face, i. After eating or drinking j. After smoking or vaping k. After handling cell phone

  • An adequate supply of soap, disinfectant, hand sanitizer, and paper towels are available

  • Gloves will be worn by staff preparing food per pre-COVID food handling protocols, such as handling Ready to Eat (RTE) foods

G. There will be one way entrance and exit for concessions and beer stands with markings every 6ft for social distancing.

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